"Little Plastic Castle (Tune-Yards Remix)" out now

"Little Plastic Castle (Tune-Yards Remix)" out now

i love this remix. i love tune-yards and all things merrill. i have been in the songmaking game for almost 40 years now (i wrote my first songs at 14) and i've learned that some songs have these amazing journeys and each version is just another version along the way- including the original. little plastic castle and the album that took its name have been on a fantastic journey, for which i feel very blessed, and i don’t know about you, but this version is my new favorite! thanks merrill- you are so alive in your art- thanks for bringing that vitality to my song. -Ani

The spirit of "Little Plastic Castle" feels so ripe and ready for these times: spitting joy and dance into the faces of those who would deny us those things. As someone who has many times chanted these lyrics back to Ani from the audience, it was a pure honor to bring a new version into the world of 2023. -Merrill

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