"Occupy This Album" is on the Side of The 99%

 Music for Occupy is dishing up “Occupy This Album” a protest album featuring an array of musicians on a mission to spread the word of truth through music! Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street Movement, artists including Ani DiFranco, Amanda Palmer, and Third Eye Blind contribute songs to raise awareness for the 99%. Composed of 99 songs by 99 artists, “Occupy This Album” gives new musicians the chance to have their voice heard alongside those that have been pushing for peace for generations including Yoko Ono, and Crosby and Nash. All proceeds of “Occupy This Album”, which landed May 15th, go directly to sustaining the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Get it for yourself at iTunes, Amazon.com or order CDs directly from Music For Occupy

EXTRA! Don’t miss out! The Little Folksinger has put together a new a cappella rendition of “Which Side Are You On?” exclusively for the album!

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