"Gumbo Christmas" by Joy Clark Single + Original Video Released Today

"Gumbo Christmas" by Joy Clark Single + Original Video Released Today

Righteous Babe Records is so honored to release Joy Clark's latest single, "Gumbo Christmas" and the official music video with the world. This song and official music video are deeply influenced by her family and their holidays together.  Listen to "Gumbo Christmas" on all major streaming platforms. 

From Joy Clark:

“Gumbo is the star of Christmas in New Orleans, if you ask me and most other Louisiananians. Every Christmas morning, my grandma would wake up at 6 AM and make an army-sized pot of gumbo so big she needed a stepping stool to stir! The preparation started days before Christmas. This was a labor of love - extended family and neighbors filled every square foot of my grandparent’s home. 

Gumbo brought us together. It fed our souls and shaped how I view the holidays. My grandma passed away this fall - a month before recording [Gumbo Christmas], so this is a memory and tradition that I want to keep alive. It's a feeling that I want to share with the world and help people celebrate no matter where they live or their circumstances. 

Gumbo Christmas is my labor of love to my culture and her legacy. But it’s not just about me. Gumbo brings lots of families together for the holidays and I want them to enjoy Gumbo Christmas with a lazy two-step and a smile.”

Stream "Gumbo Christmas" by Joy Clark here. 

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