We Gotta Fuckin Stop This

"The devil whispered in my ear, 'You are not strong enough for the storm.' Today I whispered in the devil's ear, 'I am the storm.'"
- Cory Booker

"Donald Trump is a criminal and a sociopath who fans the flames of racism and xenophobia with hateful rhetoric and divisive speech…There is no telling how far away from democracy his ethos of might-makes-right may take us but it is undeniably a rejection of the very principles upon which America was founded and has evolved." - Ani

1. Do You Know Any Of These People?

"The link below is a list of the names of the electors in each state that need to be swayed. Does anyone know them? Can anyone respectfully reach out to them and let them know about the groundswell of support for them to defend democracy over complacency? They are people with hearts and minds who are on the hot seat of history. We must hold them up and empower them to do the right thing." - Ani

Visit #DemocrEC here to email your Electors.

Find a full list of Electoral College here.

Read Ani's Full Statement Here!

2. Sign the petition

Donald Trump is not yet President of the United States.  In our political system, the President is not elected directly by the people, but rather by “Electors” from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. One elector for each House member, plus one for every Senator plus 3 for DC.  435+100+3 =538.  Electors from each state are chosen by the Major Party and each state (but for two – Maine and Nebraska) has a winner-take-all system.  So currently all of Florida’s electors are Republicans, and all of New York’s are Democrats.

However, there is nothing stopping most electors from changing their mind. 45 switched votes and Hillary wins. Difficult? Yes. Possible? Absolutely! Join the fight and Sign the Petition Here!


3. In an effort to educate and inspire each other in the fight against a Trump Presidency, we have made this page of resources, articles and various links.





Protests are taking place at every state capital across the US on December 19, find out where you can join in here:



Members of the Electoral College ask for intelligence briefing on foreign intervention in the presidential election before casting their votes

Politico.com: Electors demand intelligence briefing before Electoral College Vote

Clinton campaign supports intelligence briefing for Electoral College

Politico.com: Clinton campaign backs call for intelligence briefing before Electoral College vote


US intelligence officials convinced of Russian involvement in hack to sway the election.

NBCNews.com: US Officials: Putiin Personally Involved in US Election Hack


Electors have signed letter calling for release of intelligence

ExtraNewsFeed.com: Bipartisan Electors Ask James Clapper: Release Facts on Outside Interference in US Election

Prompted by Trump's refusal to acknowledge that the Russians hacked Democrats during the election, Representative Jim Himes pleas for Electoral College to vote Clinton

NYPost.com: Congressman begs Electoral College voters to block Trump


Michael Moore makes a plea to the Electoral College

MSNBC.com: Michael Moore to Electoral College: Resist! 


Volunteer to help with the recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania

Sign up to volunteer in Michigan here: HillaryClinton.com MI Recount help

Get more information to volunteer in Pennsylvania here: Jill2016.com Recount PA




"In the wake of the election, we must resist the slightest extension in the boundaries of what is right and just."

NewYorker.com: Now Is The Time to Talk About What We Are Actually Talking About, Cultural Comment by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



Texas Republican presidential elector explains why he will NOT cast his vote for Trump

NYTimes.com: Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump, by Christopher Suprun


"Electors Trust" offer legal support for any members of the Electoral College seeking to oppose Trump in violation of state law

Politico.com: Lessig, lawyers to offer support to anti-Trump electors

Rebecca Solnit writes "It is too soon to give up. It is too soon to reconcile ourselves to surviving Trump when the possibility of preventing him is before us."

TheGuardian.com: The US election recount is a long shot - but the alternative is catastrophe


The people behind the largest petition in history are doing more than collecting signatures.

You can also go to their site to find out about protests in your area here: ElectoralCollegePetition.com - Calendar

Or volunteer to organize an event here: ElectoralCollegePetition.com - Organize

Or add an existing event to their calendar here: ElectoralCollegePetition.com - Calendar Add

There is also a call to artists for sharable digital art to help spread the word about the petition.  Submissions are starting to be revealed on ECPetition Instagram
Learn more here: ElectoralCollegePetition.com - Call to Artists


'A federal judge denied an emergency halt to the recount of the presidential vote in Wisconsin, allowing the process to continue until a Dec 9 court hearing at least.'

USAToday.com: Federal judge denies quick halt to Wisconsin recount


The Green Party, lead by nominee Jill Stein, is filing for presidential recounts in three states.

Alternet.org: It's Starting: Green Party Launches Fundraising Drive for Presidential Recounts in WI, PA and MI

Donate Here: JillStein.nationbuilder.com

The Hill: Jill Stein to file for recount in three states


This Google Document is a collection of information and resources to help you contact your elected officials including calls to action, scripts and contact information.

We're His Problem Now Calling Sheet


A peaceful solidarity demonstration to show our unity and strength in speaking out for the issues that are important to all of us and will be threatened under a Trump presidency in DC on December 17



Pedal for the Popular Vote - Dec 17 & 18 from New Orleans to Baton Rouge - share the flier, join the ride or organize a similar event in your red state!

Sign the petition - Change.org: Ask Louisiana to Pass a National Popular Vote Bill


Weekly web actions to organize and inform the ongoing resistance


President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines said Trump endorsed his brutal antidrug campaign, which encourages police and others to kill people they suspect of using or selling drugs.

NYTimes.com: Rodrigo Duterte Says Donald Trump endorses His Violent Antidrug Campaign
'Trump could not have announced a more in-your-face betrayal of his promise to clean up Washington than his pick of Donald McGahn.'

BillMoyers.com: Like Kryptonite to Campaign Finance Reform
'After the election of a president who waged, in his words, an “outright assault on the press,” the paper’s executive editor delivered words of advice for reporters when he received the Hitchens Prize in New York on Monday.'

VanityFair.com: Washington Post Editor marty Baron has a Message to Journalists in the Trump Era


Trump's conversation with Taiwan's leader potentially damaging to China-US diplomatic relations.

TheGuardian.com: China lodges complaint with US over Trump's Taiwan phone call

Gloria Steinem spoke to Fortune Magazine at the opening of Annie Leibovitz's new show

Fortune.com: Gloria Steinem: After Trump's Election, the U.S. is like a Victim of Domestic Abuse

U.S. intelligence agencies determined that the Russian government actively interfered in our elections.

WashingtonPost.com: Opinions 'Americans keep looking away from the election's most alarming story'


A higher percentage of Americans rejected Trump in 2016 than rejected Romney in 2012.

The Nation: Republicans Cannot Claim a Mandate When Hillary Clinton Has a 2-Million-Vote Lead


'The fact is that the Electoral College was primarily designed to stop a demagogue—a tyrannical mass leader who preys on our prejudices—from becoming President.'

Time Magazine: The Electoral College Was Created to Stop Demagogues Like Trump


Ethics lawyers for the last two presidents, believe that if Trump continues to retain ownership over his sprawling business interests by the time the electors meet on December 19, they should reject Trump.

Thinkprogress.org: Electoral College must reject Trump unless he sells his business, top lawyers for Bush and Obama say


A Hillary Clinton supporter in Los Angeles is suing the 538 members of the Electoral College in a last-ditch effort to prevent President-elect Donald Trump from taking office.

Los Angeles DailyNews.com: Clinton supporter in LA challenges election, sues Electoral College


With Vice President-elect Pence attending the show, the cast used the opportunity to make a statement emphasizing the need for the new administration  to work on behalf of all Americans.

NY Times: 'Hamilton’ Had Some Unscripted Lines for Pence. Trump Wasn’t Happy.


Two Democratic members of the Electoral College have launched a last-ditch attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

Politico.com: 2 presidential electors encourage colleagues to sideline Trump


A Colorado representative to the Electoral College is helping lead a movement to block Donald Trump from taking the White House.

denverpost.com: Colorado presidential elector seeks to block Donald Trump from White House

This was the first presidential election in 50 years without the full protections of the Voting Rights Act.

TheNation.com: The GOP's Attack on Voting Rights Was the Most Under-Covered Story of 2016


Democratic voters purged from voter rolls! – Democratic National Committee must push for investigation of Crosscheck program's impact on Presidential Election

change.org: Push for investigation of Crosscheck program's abuse and impact on Presidential Election


Texas Elector Threatens not To Vote Trump

This article from before the election includes a sentence that shows Republicans were planning to pressure Electoral College electors not to vote for Hillary if she won on Election Day: "Remember, electors don't vote until after the election, so the pressure not to vote for Clinton will be enormous," said the 2012 Chairman of the Texas Electoral College delegation. People in politics always lobby for what they want and try even on long shots for something important if there is any opening. Why shouldn't we the people do the same?

politico.com: Texas elector threatens not to vote Trump


The Stories of the women behind some of the election's notable first.

after all, "you can't be what you can't see" -Kate Brown

truth-out.org: Something to Celebrate: Six Women Who Won Historic Firsts


New York City Mayor de Blasio urges all Americans to continue protesting Trump

nydailynews.com: Mayor de Blasio urges all Americans to continue protesting Trump


An article about the Eugène Ionesco play “Rhinoceros,” a 1958 play critiquing the rise of European totalitarianism, and its present day relevance

NYTimes.com: A Time for Refusal


10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job

NaturalNews.com: How to spot a sociopath


Trump names white nationalist figure ‘Chief Strategist to the President’

thinkprogress.org: trump-chief-strategist


Hollywood Reporter - Donald Trump Campaign Offered Actors $50 to Cheer for Him at Presidential Announcement

hollywoodreporter.com: donald-trump-campaign-offered-actors


Advice for action from former Congressional Staffer – “I worked for Congress for 6 years, and here's what I learned about how they listen to constituents.”



The New Repulic – “The Media Blew the Election. Now They’re Blowing the Transition to Trump.”

An article about the dangers of a compliant media accepting a new normal

newrepublic.com: The Media Blew the Election. Now They're Blowing the Transition to Trump


Excerpt from Federalist Paper 68:

"The process of election affords a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union, or of so considerable a portion of it as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States."