Zoe Boekbinder

Nomadic at heart and a creator at their core, Zoe Boekbinder (they/them) was born on a farm into a family of four children. For them, music is as natural and as necessary as breath, and the way they engage as an activist. Boekbinder was raised, in part, by their grandfather — a Holocaust survivor. Having survived the horrific, prejudiced violence of his past, he instilled in Boekbinder a deep belief in justice. Songwriting has become their resistance language.

Boekbinder is one of the founding creators of the Prison Music Project and the not-for-profit album, Long Time Gone, which Salon called “one of the most hypnotically singular-sounding releases of the year.” Dr. Angela Davis said “it’s really powerful and needs to circulate more.” The songs were written in collaboration with nine men incarcerated in New Folsom Prison where Boekbinder volunteered, teaching music, for five years. Boekbinder’s upcoming record will be made by, performed by, produced by, and promoted by a team of people of marginalized genders.

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