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Righteous Babe

Ani DiFranco Render

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all regions/NTSC
running time: 1h 52m
dolby digital stereo sound

Join Ani D, her band, and members of the extended Righteous Babe family as they criss-cross the country in this one-of-a-kind portrait of the Little Folksinger at work. Drawing on material from as far back as 1997, the film focuses on her 2000 and 2001 tours, taking you way behind the scenes — you'll watch a new song take shape and learn the stories behind some favorite older ones.  As dynamic, thought-provoking and fun as one of her concerts, Render gives you a sneak peek into Ani's life and music in her own words, on her own terms.

Released: June 2002

Track List:

In Or Out
Fire Door
Righteous Babe Records
Imagine That
The Congress House
Tis Of Thee
Criminal Injustice System
Crime For Crime
Your Next Bold Move
Two Little Girls
The Slant
Ear Training
Mammed & Dangerous
Tamburitza Lingua