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Animal Prufrock

Animal Prufrock-Congratulations; Thank You + I'm Sorry Vinyl

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 congratulations; thank you + I'm Sorry - Vinyl
Release Date: December 30th, 2010

Animal Prufrockco-created tne infamous queer rock duo, Bitch and Animal.  

congratulations; thank you + i'm sorry was recorded over a period of 2 years in San Francisco and New Orleans.  Animal's collection of 12 songs explores universal themes of love - triumphs and heartbreaks, without taking herself too seriously.  On this record, Animal Prufrock continues where Bitch and Animal left off.  The technicolor joyride of raucous humor has changed a bit and we find a more introspective vibe of self examination on this album.  Animal is keeping the beats fresh and funky, playful and jaunty all the while exploring the boundries of her brand of outsider music and unconventional sounds.

This vinyl package also includes a bonus cd version of the album

Country of Origin: USA

Track List:

1. Liberation
2. La Mia Ragazza
3. Voglio
4. Emotional Boner    
5. Love Me Love Me
6. Indelible Blue
7. Getting Into
8. Mister Fool
9. Cosmic Tranny
10. I Like You
11. Algebra
12. 0+0=0