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Gracie and Rachel

Gracie and Rachel - If The World Was Ending (single)

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“The first time we heard this song, we were drawn to the intertwined feelings of immediacy and longing. Imagining the world ending combined with thoughts about who exactly you’d want to end the world with really puts you in a place of raw confrontation, both with yourself and the world around you. It asks you to think more deeply about what you stand for and believe in on this planet while also pushing you to assess the interpersonal relationships you have here. How can we do better for both?When the pandemic hit, this song struck us in a new way.

We had just come out of a year-long isolation working on our record. The album was finished, we were just about to get back out there, and then we were told to go right back to where we’d been. Everyone was upended by having to quarantine with the same people or person or self every day, but we were used to it that it had become second nature. There lies the irony for us with this song: if the world was ending you’d come over, right? Right. We have no choice.”