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Arto Lindsay

Arto Lindsay-Prize

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Release Date: October 19th, 1999

Extending his lifelong, extremely personal exploration of Brazilian-influenced rhythms and song structures (earlier heard on three acclaimed albums released in the US by Bar None), Arto crafts delicate, subtle meditations on such slippery subjects as romance and the physics of sexual attraction. Composed in Bahia in the midst of Carnival and recorded in New York, the tracks on PRIZE are rooted in bossa nova and samba, but Lindsay injects a healthy dose of his trademark guitar-driven chaos and inimitable lyric style into the proceedings.


Joining Lindsay on the album, as they have done on many of its predecessors, are co-producers and writing collaborators Melvin Gibbs [bassist for the Rollins Band] and Andres Levin. Gibbs plays bass and keyboards on PRIZE, while Levin plays acoustic guitar, stylophone, pandeiro, and keyboards. Davi Moraes contributes timbal and electric guitar, and Skoota Warner drums. Acclaimed visual and media artist Matthew Barney provides cover imagery, and guest appearances by such culturally disparate collaborators as Brian Eno, Brazilian legend Vinicius Cantuaria, and rapper Beans (of the Anti-Pop Consortium) contribute to the dense but lush rewards of Arto's one-of-a-kind prize.

1.       Ondina

2.       The Prize

3.       Pode Ficar

4.       World of  Pre-Feelings

5.       Modus

6.       Ex-Preguica

7.       Unsure

8.       Resemblances

9.       Nome Dela

10.    Tone

11.    Interior Life

12.    E Ai Esqueco