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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco-Puddle Dive

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We'll see what you're made of by what you make of Puddle Dive. Socially irreverent, sonically irresistible, Ani DiFranco's fistful of guitar is jazzy, folky and poetic. Puddle Dive asks important questions and is pretty damn insightful. One of the most important questions is -- can an acoustic guitar actually do that? The answer in this case is resoundingly – yes! "Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right". Under the joyful finger pickin' and grinnin' there is an equally driving insatiable rhythm.

At the record's outset, guitar takes center stage, and is then met with the lines "I know so many white people/ I mean where do I start/ the trouble with white people/ is you just can't tell them apart". The record plays with the kind of self-deprecation and personal assessment that builds character. Timelessly significant, overtly political tunes like "Willing To Fight", "My IQ", and "Names and Dates and Times" are familiar favorites for most fans. Several heartfelt sultry numbers include "Anyday" and "Back Around" where the melodies are sweet and pliant. "Egos Like Hairdos", "Pick Yer Nose" and "God's Country" are as much fun as their song titles imply.

Musical guests vary from track to track. Andy Stochansky hits drums and tire rims and sings backing vocals on most songs. Others offer Rory Mcleod's harmonica styling, Scot Fisher on accordion, Scott Freilich on bass, Mary Ramsey on violin, and Ann Rabson's piano playing. These fine musicians add delightful layers to the acoustic guitar centered arrangements.

Disclaimer: You will come away a better person for having listened to this record. You will be that much more interesting and probably inclined to some pretty liberated behavior.

Hair: Awesome
Folksinger: Smiley
Artwork: Lots of pictures and handwritten lyrics
Misc. Rory Mcleod, recognize that name from DiFranco shows, don't ya?
AKA: The yellow one

"Joined by British harmonica player Rory McLeod, violinist Mary Ramsey, and pianist Ann Rabson of Saffire: The Uppity Blues Women, DiFranco sings songs the way guerrillas fight revolution."

 Released: February 1993

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