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Righteous Babe

Rise Up Unisex Tee

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we are living in a political moment with limitless potential. 
there has never been a better time to be the change you want to see. 
let's take the time to turn away from the glowing screens and face each other!
let's face this challenge arm in arm! we can transform this. 

While we are living in dark political times, we are encouraged by the community created by those resisting the current administration. We have never felt less alone in our activism. Rise Up is a call for all of us to continue to champion the issues we hold dear in our democracy. 

Style: Unisex Tee
Front: Rise Up logo
Design by David Calderley / Graphic Therapy
Sizes xs-s-m-l-xl-xxl-xxxl
100% cotton
Assembled in Nicaragua from US Components
Size Chart: Click Here